10 tips to help you focus your mind and get writing

How easy do you find it to sit down and write?Beautiful picture to help you relax

Are you able to just turn on your laptop and get on with it?

Or do you often feel like you're just staring at the screen blankly trying to shake off a fogged-up brain and very real urge to fall asleep?

You might be desperate for your mind to focus, and inspiration to strike, but the lure of that next cuppa, or the ping of your phone, are just too much to ignore. ...continue reading "10 tips to help you focus your mind and write"

Keep your customers happy: Remove the pips from their lemon

Years ago, my copywriting tutor said to me:Take the pips out of your lemon

"If you’re serving fish and chips with a wedge of lemon on the side you should always remove the lemon pips. Not that anyone will notice that you have. But they’ll sure as hell notice if you haven’t.”

And she was right. ...continue reading "Keep your customers happy: Remove the pips from their lemons"

Guerrilla marketing - 5 inexpensive ways to get noticed

Guerilla marketing by big business

I love guerrilla marketing. It can be a great way for small businesses to get some attention without a huge budget. All it takes is a little creativity and a sense of humour.

...continue reading "Guerrilla marketing – 5 inexpensive ways to get noticed"

5 reasons you need a copywriter in your life

Why do I need a copywriter questionIf you’re a small business owner you might wonder why you need a freelance copywriter on the ‘team'. If you only have a small marketing budget, the last thing you want to do is spend it on someone 'just doing some writing' when you could easily do that yourself.

Am I right? 

Well maybe you should make a cuppa and take a few minutes to read why that is, in fact, exactly what you should do:

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Do you ASK your customers to share on social media?

Sharing on Twitter
This company asked me to share a photo, on Twitter, of our butterflies when they hatched. So I did.

It’s estimated that a third of the world’s entire population will use social media by 2020*.

Just think about that for a second. That’s 2.95 billion potential customers, all linked together, sharing information every second of the day.

And I’ll bet that the vast majority of your customers are among them. They're chatting to friends, writing witty comments on photos, reading blog posts and sharing information about products they like.

And it’s this last bit, 'sharing information about products they like' that should have made you sit up and take notice. ...continue reading "Do you ASK your customers to share on social media?"

The impotence of proofreading

Colston Hall proofreading fail
Colston Hall, Bristol. Have you spotted the proofreading fail yet?

I've had a few embarrassing proofreading incidents in my time.

The worst, a good few years ago, was when I offered to make some invitations for Hubbie's parents (he was only my boyfriend then, so I was out to impress). ...continue reading "The impotence of proofreading"