SEO website copywriting

Should you write your website content yourself?

Your website is your key to success. When you're not around to sing the praises of your business, your website has to be able to do the leg work for you. 24/7. It must attract visitors, engage them, help them find out everything they want to know and then convert them to customers.

A well-written website works really hard for you. 

Potential clients I speak to often believe in the value of good web design, but are not so sure about paying for the content. After all, everyone can write, can't they?

Writing your own business website copy is tough and hugely time-consuming. Writing for the web is completely different to writing for print or academia. Readers are busy, there are a billion other websites, not to mention social media feeds, vying for their attention. They will skim through a page to see if it's useful to them, rather than read it word for word. So if you can employ copywriting techniques to help them find what they're looking for, and to encourage them to read more, you're onto a winner.

Ultimately, professional SEO website copywriting can be the difference between engaging with potential customers, and sending them running to a competitor.

Optimised website copywriting that ranks well on Google

Search engines are evolving. Gone are the days when you could write a few paragraphs, sprinkle in keywords (like 'SEO website copywriter') and expect to rank well in the search listings. Google is MUCH more intelligent than that now. And in fact, you can get penalised or moved down the rankings if you do engage in outdated activities like keyword stuffing.

These days, Google and other search engines are looking for high quality content that meets their readers' needs. So they're looking for web pages that really get to the heart of a topic. Major search engines now use semantic indexing to rank websites. They take clues from all the different words and phrases used frequently together to determine whether a site is likely to deliver a well-rounded answer for its reader. Those that do, will rank well in natural search, those that don't, will be left floundering among the ranks of the great unseen.

NOT a place you want your business website to experience.

My Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting training and learning since (I'm a bit of a geek about this stuff!) means that I can optimise your pages to rank well. But I can also make sure your site is appealing to human visitors.

After all, they are the ones you have to convince to buy from you.

Why you need a professional website copywriter

All of this highlights the importance of doing things right. Of understanding your customers and considering them in everything you write, and of making sure you keep the Google-gods happy too. No mean feat.

If you choose me to help with the SEO copywriting for your website you'll get:

  • White hat SEO techniques, i.e. ones that Google approves of
  • Personality-filled SEO copy to engage your website visitors
  • Keyword suggestions and recommendations
  • Research into your competitors' websites (so we can do it better)
  • Help to decipher all the jargon and techie stuff
  • A developer-friendly sidekick (if you want me to work directly with your website developer I'm happy to do so)
  • Loads of help and advice to give you the confidence to write your own copy in the future

Sound good? Why not get in touch for a chat about how my SEO website copywriting could help boost your business online?