Freelance copywriting: Week 1

Freelance copywriting: Week 1

It's the end of mGoodbye comfort zone, hello freelance copywritingy first week as a freelance copywriter, and *shock horror* I've just realised I haven't actually written anything yet.

Isn't that ridiculous?

I've been so caught up wrangling WordPress (this should be an Olympic sport by the way!), setting up
my business and doing other important freelancing activities like making coffee (!), that I've just not got around to it. So I thought I'd redress this with a blog post. One on my brand spanking new blog no less.

What came before freelance copywriting?

Those of you who followed my journey into copywriting over the last few years will have come across my previous blog:

Ramblings of a Learner Copywriter

I wrote the blog while I was training to be a copywriter, to give me somewhere to practise, improve and gain confidence. Yes, yes, I know I haven't updated it since I finished the course, but it gives a good flavour of my life at that time.

Since then, it's been about fitting in client work around a job and a small child. And listening to podcasts about copywriting and business - I have a slight obsession - more about that another time no doubt. It's been fun, challenging, and more than a little bit tiring (hello 5am on a Sunday morning).

Now the child is at school, the job has been quit (well sort of) and I'm going it alone. This is in equal parts gut-wrenchingly terrifying and exciting.

And this week?

So back to this week. What have I enjoyed the most?

As you'd expect, I've enjoyed my new found freedom. I've not had to rush to catch a train after school drop-off and can plan my days as I wish. But most of all I've enjoyed having a new challenge. I've been waaay outside of my comfort zone trying to sort out a website, get back in contact with old clients and get my business set up. But it feels good. I feel like I've achieved more this week than I have in a long while.

And the support I've had on social media has been amazing. There's a brilliant, thriving copywriting community out there, filled with lovely, generous people. I look forward to connecting with you all properly soon.

Obviously it's a work in progress and there's a long way to go. But the butterflies have subsided somewhat, and the ideas are flowing.

I can't wait to get stuck in, work hard, learn more and keeeeep copywriting.