5 reasons you need a copywriter in your life

5 reasons you need a copywriter in your life

Why do I need a copywriter questionIf you’re a small business owner you might wonder why you need a freelance copywriter on the ‘team'. If you only have a small marketing budget, the last thing you want to do is spend it on someone 'just doing some writing' when you could easily do that yourself.

Am I right? 

Well maybe you should make a cuppa and take a few minutes to read why that is, in fact, exactly what you should do:

1. To take some of the pressure off

You run a small business. That means you're super busy all the time. I hear ya. So what about if there was one thing you didn’t need to worry about any more? One thing that you could stop sweating over? Leaving you to concentrate on the stuff that actually earns you money. It can be really tough trusting a copywriter to write for your business. But by building a relationship with someone who you feel understands your brand and your goals, you might find it’s not as hard as you thought.

2. You don’t actually like writing

You love your business and you love your customers, but the thought of writing things that people will actually read gives you the heebie-jeebies?  So don’t. Outsource it. You need a copywriter. With minimal effort from you, your website and social media feeds can be full of great, useful content that is on brand and speaks directly to your customers. You can still have as much or as little input as you like into blog post ideas, email newsletter content etc. And you will have the final say over publishing the content. Unless you want your copywriter to do that too!

3. You’ve run out of ideas

You can see your blog is working. You’re adding value to your customers by posting useful content on a weekly basis. But my goodness you’re not sure if you can carry on week in, week out. It’s just so damned hard coming up with content all. the. time. You need a copywriter to take the burden. As part of my content marketing services I can generate bags of blog post ideas for you. And then you can write the ones you fancy, and hand over the ones that look at little bit less, shall we say, inviting. Or I can just write the whole lot.

Ditto generating content for your monthly email newsletter.

 4. Briefing can help you to focus your message

Briefing a copywriter (and having a nice chat about your business) can help you get really clear on your message. I’ve had clients with start-ups who’ve actually found the briefing process quite enlightening. It forced them to think about what their competitors are up to. It also focussed them on their ideal customers and helped them work out how they want to interact with them on their website and social media feeds.

5. Copywriters have many different hats

Us copywriters are used to wearing lots of different hats. And we’re pretty good for bouncing ideas around about business and marketing in general. I’ve found PR opportunities for one client resulting in her being featured in a national home style magazine. And I’ve suggested guerrilla marketing tactics to another client that have resulted in a number of new customers. How’s that for adding value? It’s never about just writing.

See? We're quite a useful bunch really. If you're thinking, "yes, I need a copywriter" then why not get in touch to find out how this friendly copywriter could make a difference to your business today?