Why you should blog (even if it bores you to tears)

Often when I’m chatting to clients they say the same things:

I know I should be blogging but I just can’t find the time


I know I should be blogging but I never know what to write.

I even spoke to one who confessed to near constant guilt about her lack of blogging. She had started many posts – indeed she showed me a folder full – she just never got them over the line and published.

What if they’re just not good enough?

She whispered.

As a small business owner, blogging regularly can seem like a momentous task. Wracking your brain for ideas, hours spent writing and proofreading, and searching for attention-grabbing images. It can all feel like wasted time in a week where you have 27 other things higher on the priority list.

So is it really worth it, this blogging lark? ...continue reading "Why you need a business blog"